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Presented here is a collection of images that were drawn by Karen Truehl. These images are sold as prints for your enjoyment, whether it be in your home or office.

About Karen Truehl

When I was little girl I was always analyzing, imagining and creating. Drawing and painting was the way I would express myself. To me, it was a gift that flowed through me naturally. Eyes always intrigue me. They capture the truth of one’s soul. I went on to college and worked in the commercial art field for years. I have always had the dream of marketing my art to the world for people to personally feel, experience and enjoy.
Today, I am actively making my dream a reality with the support of my family and friends. It is so very satisfying to create something that is meaningful to others and myself. The hard part is to know when to stop, and then where to sign my name.

Gallery of My Work

Below are all of the prints that are for sale. Please scroll through my offerings and see which you would like in your home or office.

All Reproductions $34.95 Prices include tax and shipping and handling in USA. Sizes vary from 8.5 x 11” to 11 x 17”.

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Drawings for Books

Aashka: The Littlest Sled Dog

Aashka: The Littlest Sled Dog is about the “can do” way of looking at life and its opportunities, and the “can deal with” way of looking at its problems. The proof of a positive attitude lies in how we choose to respond to the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens of life.

If you do the best you can with what you’ve been given, you can triumph against all odds and find hope in every tomorrow. “I am somebody special!”

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